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Cultural Tours

Township ChildrenEasy Rider
Shebeen Tours

Easy RiderVisit the shebeens (informal pubs) in Stellenbosch's township, Kayamandi. Experience township nightlife with the locals and drink the local brew.

We will take a walk around the township experience the vibrant street life and the legacy of apartheid. We depart 18:00 and will return around 21:30.

We provide the beer and a traditional meal is available on request.


Souther Cross ToursSouthern Cross
Cape Culture

  • Signal Hill viewpoint
  • Malay Quarter
  • Historical 18th-century Malay home
  • Moslem Kramat
  • Bushman/San rockart & culture
  • Apartheid history, District Six Museum
  • Afternoon options: Robben Island/Township Tour

Nowhere is South Africa's "Rainbow Nation" more clearly represented than in the mother city of Cape Town. The blend of eastern, western and African culture and traditions is reflected, not only in its vibrant mix of people, but also in its unique history. This tour explores the Cape's rich cultural heritage and takes an indepth look into the present and past.

Please Note: We can arrange your tour to include other Cape cultural attractions (ie) SA Cultural & History Museum, SA National Art Gallery, The Castle, Pan African market etc.


GrassRoute ToursGrassRoute
Beyond the Rainbow Curtain

Grassroute tours offer you insight and interaction with cultures communities and individuals living on the other side of the colour line. Witness their everyday life in a harsh environment and share in their struggles, hopes and achievements. See why 27 April 1994 (South Africa's first democratic election) was such an important day in their lives. We are sure you will leave with a richer understanding of our country.

A cross cultural voyage of discovery into the many facets of South African society. The rainbow curtain tour begins in the colourful Bo-Kaap, traditional home of the Cape's Muslim population and then moves on to District Six - once a home of thousands of Capetonians of various hues and cultures, now a desolate wasteland following apartheid's forced removals in 1966. The District Six museum is included on the tour and vividly displays the people and their lifestyles.

The tour continues to the traditional township areas of Langa and Khayelitsha. Langa is the oldest formal black township in Cape Town. Khayelitsha is Cape Town's largest informal settlement area.

The tour can also be extended to include a visit to Robben Island - one of the most famous islands in the world, Nelson Mandela's "home" for many years as a political prisoner, and now a museum.


Grass Route ToursGrassRoute
The Culture of the Cape Fisherman

Cape Town is the city where the two oceans meet, two oceans which are a source of scenic beauty and recreation and which is also a giant fish basket which feeds the people of the Cape and their visitors.

Grassroute Tours invites you to experience a day in the life of the Cape Fisherman. Share in his despairs and triumphs as he fishes from the deck of his vessel with a handline in pursuit of the elusive catch.

You will be part of the whole experience as you become a Cape fisherman for the day - as a very special crewmember you get to take your catch home at the end of the day. Share in the camaraderie and excitement as the days events are shared on your return to the harbor.


Welcome Tourism ServicesWelcome
Robben Island

  • Duration: Half Day
  • Departure: Daily, 08h00 - 13h30, 12h00 - 17h00

The tour begins with a visit to the Aquarium at the Waterfront. Thereafter you can cross the swing bridge or catch a water taxi to Bertie's Landing where you will board the Makana.

20 minutes later you'll be on Robben Island - famous for it's penguins, seals and marine birdlife, infamous for its prison. See where one of history's most famous men, Nelson Mandela, was held prisoner for 27 years.


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